About Our Story

Mindanos has been founded for the evolved trend of fusion we are experiencing in our everyday life: fusion in music, fusion in fashion and style, and you name it . Mindanos is primarily a place fitting to a casual mood yet decent enough to cater a formal gathering. The name was exclusively composed for this unique food chapter, drawing its inspiration from the name of an island in Philippines, Mindanao, widely acknowledged for its stunning cultural diversity and social harmony.

Reserve Your Seats to Confirm if You Come with Your Family

Blogger: monaa.blog

“I would like to tell u about the lovely ambiance over there.The working staff was well mannered. The interior decore was well organized. So yeahh their first impression was gud✅ #Mindanos Molten chicken lasagna is the best invite for cheese lovers.”

Blogger: meen.blogs

“The pizza was extra yummy and tasty .One of a very different kind I've never eaten before .The three kinds of cheese blended so well for the taste . It's a 10/10 for me.”

Blogger: thesaleemseries

“This dish, right here oozes with cheese and white sauce the moment you cut it open! The lasagna is properly cooked, well balanced flavour of cheese and white sauce and the perfect amount of minced chicken filling! 😃 what more can you wish for? @mindanos is located in F6 in the same plaza as Simco & Flair travels. Has a nice seating with a cute little terrace! The staff is courteous and the ambiance is welcoming! (10 points for that) I heard they revised their menu, so I might go again and try something new.”

Blogger: khana.waana

“ If you are looking for a great restaurant with a wide variety of foods then you should definitely try Mindanos.”